The Basics

Entrepreneur, mentor, persuasive communicator, problem-solver, life-long learner, educator, hiker, and high-fiver.

Leadership & Awards

  • CEO, National Ability Center
  • Associate Executive Director, Outdoors For All Foundation
  • Program Director, Starlight Children’s Foundation
  • Program Director, Edmonds Boys and Girls Club
  • Agitos Foundation, International Paralympic Committee, Board Member and Board President
  • Honorary Commander, Hill Air Force Base
  • Utah Ethical Leadership Award
  • Finalist, EY Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Utah Governor’s Office of Outdoor Recreation Advisory Committee Member
  • Disabled Sports USA Board Member
  • Park City Rotary Member
  • US Lacrosse WA Board Member and Board President
  • NCAA Division I Athlete and Captain

“It was your care, concern and advocacy that fostered my opportunity. Your belief in me has been transformative and is deeply appreciated. It is my hope to pay that forward in my future.”

– Jessica

“Remember people with disabilities have stayed on the sidelines too long. You make me think what is possible in my life. When I ride I don’t think about my disability – thank you for that. I will never forget you. Wherever you go next, make it the best organization in the country. You can do it. I know it. Smile a lot; you should be proud of who you are. What you’ve already done is change a life that is me. Thank you.”


“Through your belief in me, the quiet moments of advice and the endless hours of observation, I hope you know you have left an undeniable impact on my life. To be honest, I am in awe. Thank you for modeling to me what it means to be a strong woman, successful, driven and powerful, yet still vulnerable, understanding and a supportive leader. You created possibility where none existed. I know my path has been forever changed; by this organization and by you. For this I am endlessly grateful.”

– Katie

“I’ve witnessed Gail transform an organization to an entirely new level. She is not afraid to challenge the ways things were, have hard conversations and suggest new resources. She is a change agent.”